ALONE AT THE PILGRIM: coming soon!

On a hot weekend in early August, I recorded an album’s worth of songs in an amazing old church here in Los Angeles. A room like this one deserves thought and respect, and I chose songs and performed them using this spiritual space as an instrument itself. Recording a truly ‘solo’ album is as intimidating as it is liberating. Just me…Nothing to hide behind. Hearing the natural reverbarations of the room made singing in there a true joy, and that joy was recorded beautifully by a handful rare vintage microphones. These songs and videos are raw, stripped down, and simple. I was very fortunate to have a talented, dedicated team of audio and video professionals helping me to achieve a pristine sound recording and compelling footage of the recording process. We’re in the final stages of post production and I’m very excited to share this work with you soon. I think it’s some of my best yet!